Sunday, January 24, 2010

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the benefit at St. Ann's Warehouse on January 22nd, including performers, producers, and attendees! Your support is greatly appreciated by Tuli and his family. And to those of you who have been sending donations, your generosity is tremendous. This new blog is being created in response to interest generated by the benefit and in order to sell merchandise left over from the show. Hopefully, it will evolve over time to serve a larger purpose, but for now our time and blogging skills are both limited, so bear with us in the interim.

120 tee-shirts were printed to be sold at the concert merch table, and we have a few dozen left. They are available in black only, with a b&w picture of Tuli on the front. We have S, M, L, and XL, with only a few of each size left. They are $20 each.

We also have a few copies of Tuli's cartoons left over. These were made to be sold at the concert as well, and Tuli personally signed each one. They are similar to the prints that Tuli would sell from his folding table on Spring Street, and are mounted on left over mattes which Tuli had purchased for that purpose. Five different images are available, including a couple that had never before been published. Fewer than ten of each were made, and quantities are very limited. Please see the images below and specify which one you would like. They are $30 each.

Please include $5 for postage and handling for each item purchased. Send cheques to Sylvia Topp, 160 6th ave. Apt. 5s, New York, NY, 10013. Allow us a few weeks to send the items out, we are not professionals. Don't forget to include your address. 100% of these sales go towards Tuli's expenses. Thanks again for your interest and support!